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The Joy of being Debt Free-Clearing  your debt



Planning to get out of debt is the smartest and most crucial decision one can ever make. While you are planning to get out of debt you first start with your credit card.

You ask yourself how often you pay the minimum payment due and not giving a second thought until the following month.

Maybe you are thinking that you are ding well, after all you bills are settled. Have you ever thought that a only a small portion of your payment goes towards settling the balance you owe? A larger percentage goes towards the interest.


 Paying your credit balance can take you even twenty years or more to pay for a small credit card balance if you are making small payments. If you are really concerned in getting out of debt, all you are required to do is to focus on paying off those credit cards in full.   


Paying off any of your debts by the snowball method is a great step to leading a healthy life free from debts. The term snowball was derived from the snowball rolling down a mountain and in the process it is gathering snow as it gathers momentum, and by the same way your bills become paid in full by first starting with small payments and then moving to larger ones.


 Paying your bills is  something that may seem difficult but it is really quite easy.

The first step you have to take is to sit down and list all your bills and start with the smallest balance and then move to the largest ones.

 Now you have to decide on the amount you are most likely to afford each month as you settle your debts.


 Each and every month you must repeat this progress of making small payments on your debt. Once you have paid the  smaller bills in full , you then start working on making payments  on the larger bills .


This method of getting out of debt is painless but does take discipline and motivation.

Help yourself to make the progress easier by cutting up your credit and store cards.